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RELIANCE STEEL & ALUMINUM CO filed this Form PRE 14A on 04/06/2001
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[X] Please mark your
    votes as in this

This proxy when properly executed will be voted in the manner directed herein.
If no direction is made, this proxy will be voted FOR the election of all
nominees listed in Item 1, and FOR Items 2, 3, 4 and 5.


FOR         WITHHELD                                                                   FOR    AGAINST  ABSTAIN
<S>         <C>                       <C>                                             <C>     <C>      <C>
[ ]          [ ]                      2. Amend the Company's Bylaws to change the      [ ]     [ ]      [ ]
1. For, except vote withheld             authorized number of directors to not
   from the following                    less than nine nor more than fifteen.
                                      3. Amend the Company's Incentive and Non-        [ ]     [ ]      [ ]
--------------------------------         Qualified Stock Option Plan to increase
                                         to 2.5 million the number of shares of
                                         Common Stock available for the grant of

                                      4. Approval of Ernst & Young LLP as              [ ]     [ ]      [ ]
                                         independent auditors.

                                      5. In their discretion on such other             [ ]     [ ]      [ ]
                                         matters as may properly come before the

                                                              Change of Address        [ ]
                                                              on Reverse Side.

SIGNATURE(S)_________________________ DATE________
NOTE:   Please sign exactly as name appears hereon.
Joint owners should each sign.  When signing as
attorney, executor, administrator, trustee or 
guardian, please give full title as such.

                            ! FOLD AND DETACH HERE !

                         PROXY VOTING INSTRUCTION CARD

Your vote is important. Casting your vote in one of the three ways described on
this instruction card votes the common shares indicated above of Reliance Steel
& Aluminum Co. that you are entitled to vote.

Please consider the issues discussed in the proxy statement and cast your vote

            [icon]  Accessing the World Wide Web site
           to vote via the Internet.

            [icon]  Using a touch-tone telephone to vote by phone toll free from
                    the U.S. or Canada. Simply dial 1-877-779-8683 and follow
                    the instructions. When you are finished voting, your vote
                    will be confirmed and the call will end.

            [icon]  Completing, dating, signing and mailing the proxy card in
                    the postage-paid envelope included with the proxy statement
                    or sending it to Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co., c/o First
                    Chicago Trust Company, a division of EquiServe, P.O. Box
                    8670, Edison, New Jersey 08818-9161.

You can vote by phone or via the Internet anytime prior to May 15, 2001. You
will need the control number printed at the top of this instruction card to vote
by phone or via the Internet. If you do so, you do not need to mail in your
proxy card.