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RELIANCE STEEL & ALUMINUM CO filed this Form PRE 14A on 04/06/2001
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     Shares of common stock, no par value (hereinafter sometimes called "shares"
or "Common Stock"), are the only voting securities of Reliance. As of February
28, 2001 a total of 25,179,542 shares were issued and outstanding, all of which
may be voted at the Annual Meeting. Only holders of shares of record on the
books of the Company at the close of business on April 12, 2001 will be entitled
to vote at the Annual Meeting.
     In the election of directors, shareholders are entitled to cumulate their
votes for candidates whose names have been placed in nomination prior to the
voting, if a shareholder has given notice at the Annual Meeting prior to the
voting of his or her intention to cumulate votes. Cumulative voting entitles
every shareholder who is otherwise entitled to vote at an election of directors
to cumulate their votes, that is, to give any one candidate a number of votes
equal to the number of directors to be elected, multiplied by the number of
votes to which the shareholder's shares are normally entitled, or to distribute
those cumulated votes on the same principle among as many candidates as a
shareholder thinks fit. If any one shareholder gives notice of the intention to
cumulate votes, all shareholders may cumulate their votes for candidates. On all
matters other than election of directors, each share has one vote.
     The affirmative vote of at least a plurality of the aggregate number of
votes represented by the shares present at the Annual Meeting in person or by
proxy is required to elect directors. That means that the four individuals
receiving the largest number of votes cast will be elected as directors, whether
or not they receive a majority of the votes cast. The affirmative vote of a
majority of the votes cast is required to approve the amendment of the Bylaws,
to approve the amendment of the Stock Option Plan and to approve the independent