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RELIANCE STEEL & ALUMINUM CO filed this Form DEFR14A on 04/08/2019
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as the non-executive Chairman of the Board is the appropriate leadership structure for our Company at this time because it allows our Chief Executive Officer to focus on executing our Company’s strategic plan and managing our operations and performance, while allowing the Chairman of the Board to focus on the effectiveness of the Board and provide independent oversight of our senior management team.

Director Independence

Other than Mr. Mollins who was our Chief Executive Officer until December 2018 and Mr. Hannah who was our Chief Executive Officer until May 2015, our Executive Chairman until July 2016 and an executive officer until August 2016, the Board has determined that no director has any material relationship with the Company nor is any such director affiliated with any entity or person who has a material relationship with the Company. Accordingly, the Board has determined that Ms. Anderson, Ms. Colonias, Mr. Figueroa, Mr. Kaminski, Mr. McEvoy, Mr. Sharkey and Mr. Stotlar each qualify as independent directors under New York Stock Exchange rules. In making this determination, the Board reviewed and considered information provided by the directors and the Company with regard to each director’s business and personal activities as they may relate to the Company and to the Company’s management.

Director Qualifications

The Nominating and Governance Committee is responsible for assessing membership needs for the Board of Directors, identifying individuals qualified to become Board members, making recommendations regarding potential director candidates to the Board of Directors and administering the evaluation of the Board and Committee performance, among other things. The Nominating and Governance Committee regularly reviews the composition of the Board and of each of the Board’s Committees. The Nominating and Governance Committee strives to maintain an independent, balanced and diverse Board with directors who have appropriate backgrounds, skills and characteristics to complement one another. The Committee reviews management experience, general business knowledge, and specific skills or expertise, such as finance, value-added wholesaling, technology, business law, and marketing. The Committee encourages all directors to take director training courses in order to keep current on issues facing boards of directors. Certain characteristics or attributes are sought in all Board members, including integrity, strong professional reputation, a record of achievement, constructive and collegial personal attributes, and the ability and willingness to devote sufficient time and energy to serve on our Board. The Nominating and Governance Committee and the Board of Directors believe that the current Board members meet these criteria and understand what factors result in the Company outperforming its industry peers. The Company desires to have directors who will commit a substantial amount of time to serving on the Board to ensure a greater understanding of the Company’s business and culture and to provide continuity and stability to the Board.

Since 2015, the Board of Directors has added three new independent directors. The addition of each of Karen W. Colonias, Robert A. McEvoy and Douglas W. Stotlar is reflective of the principles underlying the Board’s succession planning and their appointments followed a robust and extensive director search process aligned with the Board of Directors’ self-evaluation process, featuring the use of a nationally recognized, third-party director search firm and adherence to the commitments made in the Principles of Corporate Governance. These commitments included prioritizing experience relevant to the Company’s strategy and business, ensuring that candidates with a diversity of race, age, ethnicity and gender are included in each pool of candidates from which Board of Directors nominees are chosen, and including potential candidates from varied backgrounds, including going beyond the traditional former CEO corporate background as a required criteria for new candidates. The Company will continue to evaluate board composition and opportunities to strengthen the Board of Directors.

Director Stock Ownership Requirements

Directors are required to own shares of the Company’s common stock having a market value at least equal to $520,000; provided, that directors shall have a period of five years to acquire and begin maintaining that