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RELIANCE STEEL & ALUMINUM CO filed this Form DEFR14A on 04/08/2019
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Code of Conduct

Reliance has adopted a Code of Conduct, which includes a code of ethics, that applies to all directors, executive officers and senior management, including the President and Chief Executive Officer and the Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. The Code of Conduct is posted on our website at and a copy will be provided to you at no charge if you request one in writing to the attention of the Corporate Secretary of the Company at the address appearing at the top of the first page of this proxy statement. We have also established a confidential hotline and website to allow persons to report, without fear of retaliation, any inappropriate acts or omissions relating to our financial statements and accounting policies and practices. In the event Reliance amends or waives any of the provisions of the Code of Conduct applicable to our principal executive officer, principal financial officer or controller that relates to any element of the definition of “code of ethics” enumerated in Item 406(b) of Regulation S-K under the Exchange Act, Reliance intends to disclose these actions on its website.

Board Committees

The Board of Directors has authorized three standing committees:

the Audit Committee;

the Compensation Committee; and

the Nominating and Governance Committee.

The charters for each of these committees, as well as our Principles of Corporate Governance are available on our website at and are available in print to any stockholder who requests a copy from our Corporate Secretary at the address appearing at the top of the first page of this proxy statement. Each of these committees is composed of only independent directors and regularly reports to the Board as a whole.

Audit Committee. The Audit Committee assists the Board in fulfilling the Board’s oversight responsibilities over Reliance’s financial reporting process and systems of internal controls, monitoring the independence, qualifications and performance of Reliance’s independent registered public accounting firm and maintaining open communication between the Board and the independent registered public accounting firm, the internal auditors and financial management. The Audit Committee appoints and oversees the qualifications of the Company’s independent registered public accounting firm. The Audit Committee confers formally with our independent registered public accounting firm, as well as with members of our management, our internal auditors and those employees performing internal accounting functions, to inquire as to the manner in which the respective responsibilities of these groups and individuals are being discharged. The Audit Committee annually reviews its Charter.

Each member of the Audit Committee is an independent director as defined in the listing standards for the New York Stock Exchange and as defined in the standards established by the Securities and Exchange Commission. The Board of Directors has determined that Ms. Anderson, the Chair of the Audit Committee, is an audit committee financial expert. Each of the other members of the Audit Committee, Ms. Colonias and Messrs. Hayes, Kaminski and Stotlar, is financially literate. The Audit Committee regularly reports to the Board of Directors. The Audit Committee engages our independent registered public accounting firm and the Board of Directors as a whole ratifies such action. The Audit Committee reviews and approves the scope of the audit conducted by the independent registered public accounting firm of Reliance and pre-approves all audit and non-audit services provided by the independent registered public accounting firm, reviews the accounting principles being applied by Reliance in financial reporting and the adequacy of internal controls and financial accounting procedures. The Audit Committee oversees the Company’s internal audit function and approves the compensation of the Vice President, Internal Audit and makes a recommendation to the Compensation Committee and the Board that they ratify such compensation. In 2018, the Audit Committee met ten (10) times, and conferred by phone and email as needed.