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RELIANCE STEEL & ALUMINUM CO filed this Form DEFR14A on 04/08/2019
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Compensation Committee Review of Executive Compensation Peer Group and Other Data

When making decisions regarding the compensation of our NEOs, the Compensation Committee considers information from a variety of sources. The Compensation Committee analyzes both the individual elements and the total compensation package for each of the NEOs.

Together with its independent compensation consultant, the Compensation Committee reviews our financial statements and compares our financial results (including stock performance) with those of our executive compensation peer group and our industry peer group, as well as general factors specifically impacting the metals industry, and compares compensation information for our NEOs with that available for comparable executives. In determining each executive’s total compensation package, the Compensation Committee considers both qualitative and quantitative criteria, as well as the CEO’s recommendations and performance evaluations and historical compensation records of the Company. Although a large portion of compensation is based upon performance, the Compensation Committee has no pre-determined mix or allocation among the various elements.

The Compensation Committee annually reviews and, as appropriate, revises the executive compensation peer group in an effort to assure the group continues to reflect any changes in the Company’s business, strategy and size as measured by revenue, market capitalization and other factors. The Compensation Committee also considers additional factors such as the Company’s stock performance as compared with standard indices, such as the S&P 500, as well as our industry peer group. The Compensation Committee reviews the amount of equity awards and common stock actually held by each NEO, and recognizes that the NEOs are directly impacted by the Company’s stock price and, accordingly, their interest in the Company’s performance and the impact it has on the market value of the stock is closely aligned with that of the Company’s stockholders.

The combination of these analyses helps the Compensation Committee assess how our NEOs are compensated compared to their peers ‒ both in terms of individual components and total compensation, the reasonableness of the Company’s incentive plan goals, the alignment of pay and performance, the potential need for recalibration of the Company’s pay and incentive goals, and the actual elements of NEO compensation.

Executive Compensation Peer Group

There are no public companies in the metals service center industry that are comparable to the Company in terms of size, stock market capitalization, complexity and performance. Accordingly, in considering executive compensation for 2018, as in prior years, the Compensation Committee and the independent compensation consultant used the executive compensation peer group.

The Compensation Committee, with assistance from the independent compensation consultant, annually reviews specific criteria and recommendations regarding companies to add or remove from the peer group to ensure that the companies in the peer group remain relevant and provide meaningful compensation comparisons.