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RELIANCE STEEL & ALUMINUM CO filed this Form DEFR14A on 04/08/2019
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Allocation of Compensation Components

We compensate our executive officers by using a balanced combination of the elements described above that vary by:


type of compensation (fixed, variable or performance-based);


length of the performance period (annual and long-term);


form of compensation (cash and equity); and


with respect to equity, performance-based or service-based.

We believe this balanced mixture supports our compensation objectives, including the retention of our key executives, and emphasizes pay-for-performance. The Compensation Committee has designed the overall program to ensure that a majority of our executive compensation is at risk and weighted towards Company performance, annual and long-term incentives and stock price appreciation. Although a large portion of our NEOs’ compensation is tied to Company performance, the Compensation Committee has no pre-determined mix or allocation among the various elements. The following chart illustrates the targeted allocation of the principal compensation components for our NEOs in 2018. The percentages reflect 2018 salaries, target annual cash incentive compensation and the aggregate grant date fair values of restricted stock units granted in 2018.

Mix of Principal Compensation Components  

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