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RELIANCE STEEL & ALUMINUM CO filed this Form DEF 14A on 04/05/2019
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Deferred Compensation Plan (see page 36)

Because they do not participate in the SERP, Messrs. Hoffman and Shanley receive Company contributions under the Deferred Compensation Plan.

Provides supplemental retirement benefits to certain key employees through discretionary Company contributions.

In comparing the values of the Deferred Compensation Plan against the deferred compensation benefits offered to similar executives at companies in our executive compensation peer group, the Compensation Committee found that the values for Messrs. Hoffman and Shanley in the Deferred Compensation Plan approximate median retirement benefits compared to what they would receive if they participated in the programs of companies in our executive compensation peer group.

Other Benefits


Standard Benefits Widely Available to Employees (see page 37)

Executive officers, including the NEOs, participate in the same benefit plans broadly available to all full-time employees, including health insurance and 401(k) plans.

All non-union Reliance employees, including the NEOs, are eligible to participate in our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (“ESOP”). Employees hired on or after January 1, 2017 are not eligible to participate in the plan and the Company ceased making annual contributions to the ESOP after the 2018 plan year.



Limited Perquisites (see page 37)

No perquisites other than limited relocation reimbursement and a housing allowance to Mr. Hoffman in connection with his promotion to CEO and memberships for the NEOs used primarily for business purposes.